Yoga and Massage for expecting Mommies in Colorado Springs, Colorado


I will be relocating to Tuscon, Arizona in the near future so have closed my office in Colorado Springs. Once I am able, I will re-open a new office in Tuscon.

Enhance your Childbirth Experience

Maximize Your Inner Potential, Prepare yourself for Birth & Motherhood

Prenatal Massage, Post-partum Massage, Infant Massage & Yoga

Yoga & Massage encourages you to prepare Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually during the nine months before you give birth and the first six months after giving birth.

Services Offered


I offer Prenatal and Postnatal massage sessions. Prenatal and Postnatal massage reduces stress & promotes relaxation as well as relieving muscle spasms and cramps. Massage increases blood & lymph circulation & supports the physiological process of pregnancy.

1 prenatal massage: $60
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Group Classes or Private sessions offered. I teach you, along with your birthing companion, the art and joy of experiencing birth in a more comfortable manner through guided imagery, visualization, and special breathing.

HypnoBirthing Workshop: $250
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I have entrusted my Yoga Classes to a colleague. Her name is Kandee and she is highly certified to teach these classes. I trust in her ability and her personality to do a great job! Her classes will calm and center you, increase awareness in your body, bringing you stillness and inner peace; a feeling of oneness with your baby. Please visit Kandee's Website Sisterhood Yoga for more information.


I started doing yoga for the first time when I got pregnant with my second child. On April 2nd I gave birth to a healthy baby boy who weighed in at 7 lbs. 6 oz. Throughout my pregnancy I had energy, I was relaxed and always working on the breathing techniques I learned in Marie-Louise's classes. The squatting position I learned in my prenatal yoga class was the most beneficial during my labor. From the moment I started contractions until the birth of my son I squatted through each of my contractions, which ultimately made for a more smooth and speedy delivery. I tip my hat off to Marie-Louise who taught me so much during the nine months of my pregnancy--THANK YOU! I can't wait to come back for postpartum yoga!

Feda Jodeh

Our son, Colton, was born on 09/25/07. He was 8 lbs, 8 oz and 19.5 inches long. I was able to have a natural child birth. I couldn't have done it without you!!! The breathing, focus and sounding that I learned in class helped me get through it all. I couldn't have maintained my focus if it had not been for those things. The weeks that I spent with you in class were the most valuable thing that I did to prepare for delivery. Far more valuable than any childbirth class that I went to. I can't thank you enough! If I hadn't gone to your classes, I think that I would have had to have some kind of pain medication.


Hi there! Just wanted to let you know our little guy (Ryan August Slater) arrived early Wednesday morning at 12:18 am weighing 6#11oz and perfectly healthy! My mom was at the delivery and she said, wow, whatever you learned in yoga sure does help! Thanks so much! I am planning on taking your postnatal yoga class in June...hope others will too!

Lesli Slater

Hi Marie-Louise, Just wanted you to know I gave birth on May 4th at 5:30 to John Thomas, he weighed 8lbs 6oz. and was 22 5/8" long. Things went well, the breathing overall, but especially the focused breathing out the birth canal or focusing it to a specific area was an incredible help! Thanks for everything!

Kate Wilder

Hi Marie-Louise, So happy to let you know that my husband and I were blessed with a happy healthy boy -- Daniel Joseph de Lourenco on Saturday May 27, 2006. He weighed 7 lbs 15 oz and was 15 in. long. You said it's very important to have an open mind about the entire birthing are so right, that is the key. And can't forget the ability to relax! Your class and prenatal massages were awesome! Thank you for everything!


Hi! I just wanted to give you an update! The baby was born by c-section on February 18th, and she is happy, healthy and cooing. She was breech and didn't want to turn even though we did Chiropractic care and breech positioning techniques. Her name is Abrielle Kalani, she was 6 pounds, 4.5 ounces, 18.75 inches. She took to nursing immediately, and gained almost a pound in the first 2 weeks. Thank you so much for offering yoga classes for pregnant mommies. It helped me to prepare mentally, emotionally and physically for the birth, as well as giving me support and exercise during my pregnancy. I loved communing with and meeting other pregnant ladies, it made it so much easier for me to relax and to realize that everything I was experiencing was natural. I really appreciate all that you do. Thank you so much Marie-Louise!

Cara Sexton

I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do in providing the prenatal yoga class. It really meant so much more to me than just exercise and it was a bonding experience that I will never forget. You and the other mommys in the class really helped me get ready to become a mother and I am eternally greatful! I look forward to the postnatal class and will hopefully be able to stop by in the next 2 weeks or so with London so I can show him off! With love and gratitude,

Susan Stecken

About Me

Marie-Louise See, RN, LMT

I have worked as a registered nurse for many years and have worked in hospitals, clinics and the private industry.

I have been a certified yoga teacher for over twenty years and have taught at hospitals, private settings and had my own studio for 15 years. I became interested in massage 17 years ago and became certified here in Colorado Springs with Colorado Springs Massage Therapy school CIMT. I have specialized in prenatal massage and Maya Abdominal massage and became very interested in "myo fascia" work and started studying with John F Barnes taking his training in this very exiting body work. You can find out more about him and fascia by going to

I was born in The Netherlands and have lived in America for many years. Originally I lived on the East coast then moved to Colorado Springs 17 years ago to be closer to family, having one son in Crested Butte and another Tucson AZ with a wife and three grand children.


Contact me by either submitting the form below or call: (719) 641-3134. *Services by appointment only.


I will be relocating to Tuscon, Arizona in the near future so have closed my office in Colorado Springs. Once I am able, I will re-open a new office in Tuscon.






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